Nursing to Chartered Accountant

So, I’m off to London with my new job and I am beyond excited!

"I owe you so much Cath and can’t wait to start this amazing adventure. I absolutely adore my new job, the exams are hard but it’s amazing and uses so much of my expertise. And now the chance to work in London, which is my dream. I honestly can’t recommend you highly enough. In terms of job satisfaction for me, this is worth more than money!"

Daniel Pugh

Lawyer, Corporate Law

 Cath will make sure that your CV ends up at the top of your prospective employer’s pile.  

 She has a real eye for finding strengths in applicants’ CVs no matter how sparse and making them shine through. Cath played a huge part in my securing of a training contract in the ever-increasingly competitive legal industry, and for that, I am eternally grateful."

Isobel Matthews 

Lawyer, Healthcare 

Just one week after meeting with Cath, I was able to put her advice and tips into practice.

"Cath gave me great advice and support when I was starting my career in the legal industry. She helped me formulate my CV and provided me with invaluable interview tips. Just 1 week after meeting with Cath, I was able to put her advice & tips into practice and secure my training contract! "

Jess Lord 

Graphic Designer

Cath took the time to understand my skills. 

"As a graduate, Cath helped me to develop my CV and prepare me for interviews. She took the time to understand my skills and helped to boost my confidence. Her insight into the hiring process and how to stand out as a candidate helped me gain my first role in my career."

Stephanie Pugh 

Policy Advisor, Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

Cath cares so much about helping young people to achieve their potential and I would recommend her 

"Cath is brilliant at helping you to realise the skills you didn't know that you possessed! She is great at linking together your experiences to help you to recognise patterns in what you do and don't enjoy, uncovering what motivates you and helping you to find a job you'll feel happy and fulfilled in. "

Alex Knight  

Head of Communications

I still regularly seek her advice!

"Cath first hired me when I was a young graduate, and the mentorship and skills she gave me at the time remain invaluable to this day. I still regularly seek her advice! Cath is one of the best leaders I’ve worked with and I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Rachel Personage

Business Analyst

I love what I do now!

"I’d highly recommend Cath as a Career Coach. She has supported me during two key stages of my career; firstly as a new graduate getting my first job and secondly, through a change in career. I owe a lot of that to Cath for the fantastic support and expert advice she provided at an important time in my life."

Matt Britton


Cath was instrumental in my transition from a student to a working professional. 

"In a number of sessions, we discovered more about my individual abilities and strengths. It was a pleasure to have worked with Cath and her guidance which I still reflect upon."


Regardless of experience, Cath will make sure that your CV ends up at the top of your prospective employer’s pile.

"Cath is great at knowing exactly what is and isn’t relevant on a CV and exactly what employers are looking for in new recruits. She has a nous for tailoring your CV to fit the mould of your desired company, in a way which others can’t."


Cath has given me advice and confidence at every stage of my career.

As a recent graduate, I turned to Cath to help uncover career opportunities I’d never thought of, translate my skills and work experience into attributes employers are looking for, and gain the confidence to do well at interview. Later in my career, when I decided to go freelance, Cath coached me in gaining new business, and understanding the challenges and opportunities of being self-employed.


Working with Cath has made a huge difference.

My CV has improved massively as I now understand the importance of tailoring your cv and have a better understanding of how the recruitment process works. I feel more confident in interviews as I’m excited to show people what I can do and what I’ve achieved whereas before my nerves would have taken over.