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Break free from the endless cycle of job applications leading to silence - it's disheartening and eats away at your confidence. 

Whether you're at the beginning of your career or aiming to switch paths, seek a promotion or make a change, my storytelling formula is your secret weapon! It propels you beyond the competition, ensuring your application is not just noticed, but gets you to the interview stage faster ever before. 

Let me introduce myself and shed light on the art of making your applications stand out and get you noticed! 
Picture the frustration of still struggling in 6 months time. 
Think about the earnings you could miss out on, the valuable times spent endlessly applying for jobs instead of advancing your career. 
Isn't it time to break free from the hope that things will magically change?  
Take charge of your destiny; don't wait any longer.  Empower yourself, take back control and carve the career path you've worked so hard for.  
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This course will help you dig deep into the skills and attributes you can offer an employer


With confidence and clarity in your skills (you have lots, but perhaps you don’t know it yet!) you’ll learn how to write a CV or job application that actually gets noticed.

By understanding how employers find their new hires, you’ll understand the skills and tactics needed to succeed in the recruitment game.

Do you know how to ensure that your CV isn’t screened out at the first stage by bots, before a human even takes a look? Do you know how to convey your skills and experience in a compelling way, so that an employer needs to meet you at an interview?

This course will show you how to use all your experiences, no matter how small, as evidence of your competencies. You’ll be guided through our tried and tested Careers Storytelling Method, proven to build your confidence and showcase your achievements in written job applications and CVs.

This coaching course specifically focuses on the job application / CV writing stage of the recruitment process. Although it doesn’t cover interview skills and preparation, the storytelling aspect at the heart of this course forms the foundation of your interview prep, and will go a long way towards boosting your confidence and performance in face-to-face meetings.

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Follow a step-by step process to:

  • Create powerful job applications, that differentiate you and showcase your unique skills and achievements.
  • Discover the hidden skills and achievements you don’t know you have!
  • Leverage your experiences (however limited or varied) to draft compelling narratives that demonstrate you have the skills for your desired job.
  • Articulate your achievements, and relate them directly to your ideal job.
  • Be confident about your differentiated value, what makes you different and a great fit for this job.
  • Demonstrate the transferability of your skills to a new sector or new career and create a ‘skills-led’ CV.
  • Make every application relevant to the intended employer.
  • Create job applications that excite employers and sail through the screening bots.
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Imagine if 9/10 of your applications got through to the next stage

This is possible using my tried, tested and proven Career Storytelling Formula.

Don't take my word for it, Frances had sent off 90+ applications over 8 months and only got 1 interview!  After using my Career Storytelling Formula she got an interview within 3 weeks and landed the job!  Making it happen faster!

How does it work?

The fully online course lets you work at your own pace guided by videos, case studies and work books.  You can book extra 1-1 coaching or group coaching alongside this course if you feel you need more.  

You will uncover your unique value through our Careers Storytelling Method.  You will learn how to turn your skills and experiences into compelling stories, create attention grabbing achievement statements, and create powerful job applications that pass through screening to secure you an interview. 

You will have access to real life examples and case studies  from graduates who have used my techniques to achieve their career success.  

How would having these skills get you noticed and make a difference to your success?

  • Creating powerful job applications based on your achievements sets you apart from the crowd. 
  • Mastering the art of aligning your skills and achievements with the job requirements is your key to passing the screening process. 
  • Showcasing the versatility of your skills demonstrates to an employer exactly why you are an excellent match for the role. 
  • Gaining a clear understanding of your unique value boosts both your confidence and resilience. 
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"This course gives you all the essential tools you will need to land that perfect job AND it will prepare you for interviews.  It allowed me to work at my own pace, which was especially important when I had just 2 days to apply for my dream job. 

I was able to access Cath's amazing knowledge, skills and experience on demand.  Overall, the course was a huge help and was a key factor in me changing direction and landing a brilliant new role that I love" 

Consider this course as the essential backbone of your success. 

It's not just about acquiring skills; it's about boosting your confidence. By the end of this course you will hold in your hands concrete evidence of your capabilities, making your application standout and transforming how you feel about interviews.  I want you to look forward to talking about how great you are rather than be terrified!

Investing your time and energy at this stage pays dividends  throughout your recruitment journey. It's the catalyst for inspiring you to stretch your aspirations and reach for jobs you may only have dreamed of.  In fact you might find yourself enjoying the process along the way!

Online Course


Create A Standout Job Application + Get Noticed


  • 6 months access to a fully online course, allowing you to work at your own pace in your own time
  • Workbooks to provide you with all the tools, information, and real-world advice you’ll need to give memorable, engaging, impactful, successful interviews
  • Supporting videos. I’ll bring all the themes and advice covered on the course to life through a series of informational and motivational videos
  • Case studies. Examples of other people just like you who have overcome the same challenges and gone on to thrive. We’ll analyse how they achieved success, step by step, in a relatable and practical way that will help you to achieve success, too