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Stand out from the graduate crowd with a stellar application that gets you the interview. This course will help you dig deep into the skills and attributes you can offer an employer. With confidence and clarity in your skills (you have lots, but perhaps you don’t know it yet!) you’ll learn how to write a job application that actually gets noticed.

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Tired of never hearing anything back from your job applications?

Do not get stuck applying for job after job and hearing nothing back!  It's demoralising and sends your confidence spiralling down. Imagine if 9/10 of your applications got through to the next stage!

Whether you're just starting your career or looking to change careers or get a promotion, learn how to use my my tried, tested and proven Career Storytelling Formula to stand out from the crowd with a powerful application that gets you to the interview faster. 

If You Want To Standout - You Need To:

  • Create powerful job applications that differentiate you and get you noticed
  • Know your hidden skills and achievements
  • Be able to demonstrate the transferability of your skills to a new sector
  • Understand how to beat the BOTS and get through the first screen
  • Make job adverts and job specifications work for you
  • Convert your experiences into powerful skills and achievement statements
  • Know what differentiates you from other graduates
  • Create a WOW CV/resume
  • Write relevant and powerful cover letters
  • Test and refine your applications
  • Learn how to stay resilient and positive
How will you feel if in 6 months time you are no further on?
Imagine how much will you have lost in potential  earnings?
Imagine how much energy you could have invested in building your career instead of applying for jobs?   
What will it take to stop  HOPING that eventually something will change as if by magic?
Is it time to STOP WAITING for that magic bullet and START CONTROLLING your own destiny?
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No Struggle! Just Game Changing Lessons to stop you wasting any more time and energy!

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"Cath is great at knowing exactly what is and isn’t relevant on a job application and exactly what employers are looking for in new recruits. Her training allows you to tailor your application to fit the mould of your desired company, in a way which others can’t." - Dan

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