£197.00 GBP

Kickstart your Graduate Career

Are you tired of applying for jobs and never making it to the next stage?  Don’t waste any more time struggling to get off the starting blocks.  Instead, empower yourself with the knowledge of how the recruitment system works and learn how to play the game effectively.

You will learn how  to navigate the online screening process and impress the human, to secure that interview. Additionally, it will guide you on how to showcase your experiences and achievements in a compelling CV, setting yourself up for success in interviews. 

The course is online, granting you 12 months of access.  

What the course covers:

  • How the recruitment game works
  • How to use the job details to get you to interviews 
  • How to unearth your hidden skills
  • What differentiates you 
  • How to make your skills transferable 
  • Different types of CV's
  • Writing your job application /CV 
  • Writing Cover Letters 
  • Testing and refining 
  • Resliience and Confidence 

What's Included:

  • 12 months access to a fully online course, allowing you to work at your own pace in your own time
  • Videos that coach you through each step
  • Workbooks and resources for you to create your job application along with me
  • Case studies. Examples of other people just like you who have overcome the same challenges and gone on to thrive. We’ll analyse how they achieved success, step by step, in a relatable and practical way that will help you to achieve success, too

What People Are Saying:

Working with Cath has made a huge difference. My CV has improved massively as I now understand the importance of tailoring your cv and have a better understanding of how the recruitment process works. I feel more confident in interviews as I’m excited to show people what I can do and what I’ve achieved whereas before my nerves would have taken over.


Cath has given me advice and confidence at every stage of my career. As a recent grad, I turned to Cath to help uncover career opportunities I’d never thought of, translate my skills and work experience into attributes employers are looking for, and gain the confidence to do well at interview. Later in my career, when I decided to go freelance, Cath coached me in gaining new business, and understanding the challenges and opportunities of being self-employed.


Cath gave me great advice and support when I was starting my career in the legal industry. Cath helped me formulate my CV and provided me with invaluable interview tips. Just one week after meeting with Cath, I was able to put her advice and tips into practice and secure my training contract following interview!


Cath is brilliant at helping you to realise the skills you have that you didn't know you possessed!


Regardless of experience, Cath will make sure that your CV ends up at the top of your prospective employer’s pile. Cath is great at knowing exactly what is and isn’t relevant on a CV and exactly what employers are looking for in new recruits. She has a nous for tailoring your CV to fit the mould of your desired company, in a way which others can’t.