About Me


Hi, I’m Cath Walsh,

And I'm on a mission to help people, just like you, find a job that makes them happy.

Everyone deserves a meaningful job they truly enjoy, but sadly, more often than not, we sell ourselves short when applying for jobs, limiting our full potential in the marketplace!

After a full career helping people to build theirs I'm here to tell you that you don't have to compromise yourself, your skills, or your beliefs in order to land your dream job!

By using my tried & tested programs you too can navigate the application process, learn how to showcase your SUPERPOWERS and WOW future employers at interview so they recognise YOU as their IDEAL candidate!


It Started With My Two Sons

These two are all grown up now with proper jobs in construction and tech development. However, after uni, the construction sector was on the floor so Mike, my eldest, was struggling and Anthony had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do!

They asked for my help and I  really had to step up and hone my coaching skills to help them discover their career desires, create great applications and develop many strategies for getting a foot in the door to start their careers!

Then they’d ask me to help their friends, then family and friends of friends would ask me to help their kids struggling to get going after uni and so my coach training steered to career coaching for graduates.

How my experiences are relevant to your struggles 

I’ve worked with small & medium sized enterprises (SME's) growing businesses that have been desperate to engage graduates and young people, offering amazing learning opportunities and careers.

Businesses often struggle to find the talent they need despite the fact 600,000 graduates enter the jobs market every year.  

I’ve coached hundreds of young people, helping them understand what type of job will make them happy and crucially how to find and secure that job!

Sometimes, I'm able to connect them with potential employers or just senior people so they can find out more.
So what type of job will make YOU happy?

  • working for a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME)?
  • working in a multinational corporate environment
  • or even being self-employed

How do you determine this for yourself when you're only just starting out and your experience is limited or you've been stuck in the same job for years and can't see the wood for the trees.

It often takes an external person to see you differently. To see what you have to offer and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  My programs give you the tools to really stand back and objectively assess yourself. They help you uncover your hidden skills, the things you take for granted about yourself and show you how to shape them into an experience that's relevant to your next career.

Is it time for you top stop struggling and get help?

Make A Start - Create A Standout Job Application + Get Noticed!